Museums in Las Vegas: Atomic Bombs Are The Real Deal

Museums in Las Vegas help remind people of the destructive atomic bombs.Hiroshima and Nagasaki’s ill fate happened almost 70 years ago. When that happened, the world knew how deadly nuclear bombs are. However, the younger generation seems to consider nuclear bombs as old issues. It’s like, everyone thinks no one will use nuclear bombs anymore. However, nuclear bombs are still the real deal. In fact, the next one could be so much deadlier than ever.

Understanding An Atomic Bomb’s Power

Even though the first atomic bomb was dropped more than seven decades ago, its effects are felt until now. An article by Lynn Eden, Ted Postal, and Steven Starr explains in detail the damages from a nuclear bomb. On the very first impact, the area hit will have a temperature five times greater than the sun. Because of the extreme heat, buildings will turn to asphalt. People who survived the heat will be killed by the hurricane-like force of the winds. The entire area will be engulfed in one gigantic fire. Yes, the effects of the atomic bomb is imaginable and absolutely frightening.

Safest Place To Go

With tensions in different parts of the world, the next atomic bomb may be here sooner. People are starting to think where is the safest place to go. Definitely, places in the Northern Hemisphere will be riddled with deadly weapons. One option would be the continent of Antarctica. This place gets its protection from the Antarctic Treaty. The treaty aims to keep the area nuclear-free in the name of safe research. But, who wants to live in an icy place? More liveable places include the Easter Islands and Marshall Islands of the Pacific.

Learn About The Future, Start With The Past At Museums In Las Vegas

We cannot truly predict when the next war will break out. All we can do is to get familiar with the extreme possibilities. Good thing, museums Vegas help us get a glimpse of the past so we can learn more of the future. If you are interested to know more about atomic bombs, visit the National Atomic Testing Museum. In there, visitors will learn about the history of atomic bombs. They also let you take a look at the story of the Nevada Test site. Patrons will also experience a Ground Zero Theater simulation of an above-ground test. To learn more about them, you can visit 755 E. Flamingo Road, Las Vegas. You can also call their museum in Las Vegas at (702)794-5151.

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