Satisfy Your Asian Cravings With Japanese Tapas (Las Vegas)

A trip to the Entertainment Capital of the World can do more than just fill your sights with wonders. It can also satisfy your cravings for Asian cuisine with Japanese tapas Las Vegas. Get your fill of the sushi, maki, dumplings and more when you visit the city and enjoy the bright lights.

All About Tempura and Katsus

One of them most popular Japanese dishes would be its wide array of tempuras and katsus. Tempura refers to the batter-fried food Japan is famous for using seafood or any vegetable as the main ingredient. Katsu on the other hand refers to breaded food cooked the Japanese way using chicken, beef, pork or any meat as the main ingredient.  What sets these Japanese fried dishes apart from other cuisines would be the technique in coating and deep frying applied in preparing the food.

Many Las Vegas Japanese tapas are prepared with katsus and tempuras in addition to other dishes such as dumplings and rolls. The term tapas in dishes come from the Spanish word “tapa” which means to “cover” or “coaster.” The meaning of the word evolved until it was used to describe a combination of small portions of various dishes served in a platter.

Other tapas involve a combination of hot and cold cut meats with cheese but in Japanese cuisine tapas range from tempuras, katsus, makis, sushis and dumplings.

Where to Enjoy Japanese Tapas Las Vegas and More

Las Vegas tapas are best enjoyed in the company of family and friends over some drink and some hearty laughter. What better way to spend the night talking while enjoying the busy strip of Las Vegas by spending a hearty meal that would give you a taste of Asia’s best cuisine as well. One such place is Sekushi Vegas conveniently located along the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Sekushi Vegas is a small restaurant with a cozy ambience yet offers high-end dishes. You can be assured that they only make use of the finest and freshest ingredients when preparing a feast for you and your loved ones under the supervision of the multi-awarded  Chef Eric Ou.

From appetizers, main courses , desserts and anything in between they got you covered. They open 11 am daily and close at 1 am on Sundays thru Thursdays and 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays. To check what else they have to offer or for table reservations, you may call them at (702) 385 0755.

Walk-in diners are welcome in the restaurant located at Paris Resort and Casino, 3655 Las Vegas Blvd.


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