Reasons To Keep Personal Defense Wea

As far as personal defense weapons go, stun guns are among the most effective.  Stun guns have the ability to immobilize an attacker in just under five seconds.  They deliver high voltage electricity at low amperage.  This will cause an attacker to lose muscle control without suffering permanent damage.  This method buys people the time and energy they need to run to safety or call for help.  And these can all be done with a handy stun gun.  Here are even more reasons to get one today.

It is Safe and Easy to Use

The stun gun is a personal defense weapon that saves countless of lives every day.  Once a stun gun gets in contact with the body, its power immediately starts to take effect.  One to two seconds under a stun gun will startle the attacker.  After the three second mark, it can cause disorientation and loss of balance.  Four seconds or more will cause involuntary movements or immobilization.  The rapid bursts of movements depletes an attacker’s blood sugar.  Just five seconds under a stun gun causes minutes of dizziness and disorientation.  These few minutes will increase anybody’s chance of escape and survival.

Handy, Functional, Practical

Aside from its power, its size also makes stun guns useful.  Most stun guns have a length of 4 inches, a width of 2 inches and a thickness of 1 inch.  It is easy to fit in any pocket, bag or purse.  Stun guns also come with a strap and kill switch combination.  Once the strap is dislodged, the weapon will no longer take effect.  This makes it impossible for attackers to use against victims.  These features make it a great personal defense weapon for women and students.

Modern Developments for Personal Defense Weapons

Modern technology paved a great way for battery operated weapons such as stun guns.  In the past, stun guns needed constant battery changes.  With the more advanced rechargeable version, this is no longer a problem.  To ensure maximum safety, always leave the house with a full charged stun gun . Attacks don’t always happen but it pays to be ready at all times.

Invest in Security

Buying a stun gun is a smart investment.  Not only will it add a level of security, but it will also give people peace of mind.  With Top Stun Guns, people get all these and more.  Their 3.7 million volt model features NI-MH rechargeable batteries, and safety switches.  Each unit is made to last for up to 5 years and come with 60 month warranties.  For more information, call them at 888-908-STUN (7886) or visit 561 Keystone Ave. Suite #435.


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