3 Tips To Help You Get More Out Of Your Drone (Las Vegas) LiPo Batteries

3 Tips To Help You Get More Out Of Your Drone Las Vegas LiPo Batteries

Seeing different breathtaking landscapes with your drone Las Vegas eyes is a thrilling experience. Now imagine what will happen when suddenly, your drone loses battery. Not only will your enjoyment be cut short; you could also lose your drone. Sadly, one of the most common problems encountered by most drone-owners are batteries that are not enough. This equipment is powered by a lithium polymer or LoFi batteries. With proper battery care, your Las Vegas drone can do even more. Here are some tips you should follow.

LiPo Quality

When it comes to LiPo battery, you get what you pay for. It’s better to purchase new ones than going for used batteries. You don’t know how the previous owner used them. The promise of “used once, like new” could give you a badly damaged battery. When you see a puffy LiPo battery lying around, refrain from re-charging and re-using them. Follow the steps on safely disposing used and damaged LiPo batteries.


A proper charger/discharger for your LiPo batteries can extend their life. It is important that your LiPo battery maintains the same amount of voltage across all cells. When there is an inadequate voltage measure, it could spell disaster. Don’t leave your charging batteries unattended. Never leave your batteries to overcharge. When you have a fully charged LiPo battery, don’t leave it unused until the third day. When by the end of the third day you think that you won’t be able to use it, discharge.


LiPo batteries can easily catch on fire, that’s why it is important that your storage bag is fireproof. You could use an ammo box or fireproof metal containers. Although LiPo fires don’t happen often, they do happen, and their results are severely damaging. The foil and plastic in your ordinary travel bag can easily catch and spread fire.

Get Expert Help For Your Drone Las Vegas Concerns

Keeping your batteries in optimum quality can make you enjoy your drone more. You don’t want to be one of those who tell the horror stories of how batteries ruined their drones. However, for best performing drones in Las Vegas, batteries are just one of the concerns. Alphadrone is a reliable store that can address all your needs for your drone Las Vegas. For more details about their services, you can call them at (702) 979-9445.



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