Be More Effective In Nevada Hunting By Learning These 3 Important Terms

When you aim to perform better than the rest in Nevada hunting, you have to make sure you have an advantage over them. The same rule applies to hunters everywhere. As the adage goes “a knowledgeable hunter is an effective hunter.” You don’t simply go into the wild and shoot some prey. You amp up your hunting game by learning the terms most of your buddies probably don’t know. Here are three hunting terms that can come in handy in your hunting trips.

Carrying Capacity

The most important wildlife biology term is carrying capacity. This revolves around the idea that animals only need food, water and habitat. Even though this can be provided by nature, these resources are only limited to a number of animals. The limitations in the area can affect how many animals a place can sustain. The number that can be sustained without affecting habitat is the carrying capacity. When a number of animals exceed that threshold, they are called harvestable surplus.

Hunter Effort

Every year, biologists try to estimate the bag limit for game species in hunting (Nevada). They mainly use the carrying capacity as the basis of their estimates. But aside from that, they also try to look into another factor called “hunter effort.” Hunter effort refers to the time the hunter can harvest game. Hunting for a certain animal can be calculated using hours, days, and even months. It is a reliable basis for managers and researchers in making annual bags estimates.

Home Range

One of the most common wildlife term used in hunting in Nevada is “home range.” This term refers to the area that is frequented by a specie in search for food, water, or mate. Within this range, you can easily find game. However, this does not mean that animals are always present in the home range. They tend to go from one place to another. Home range is different from distributional range. Home range is where you can frequently find the animals. Distributional range, on the other hand, is the area that is occupied by certain species.

Learn More Of These Nevada Hunting Terms

Experience is the best teacher. So if you want to learn about different, useful hunting terms, go to the experienced hunters. You can find one of them at On Target. With their years of hunting experience, you don’t only get the best gun. You also get hunting advice that will surely come in handy. Give them a visit at 305 N Nellis Boulevard, #155.  You may also call us them at (702) 463-0350.



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