Dim Sum In Las Vegas: The 4 Dishes You Need To Try Right Now

There will always be a time when we suddenly look for the intricate flavors of Taiwanese cuisine. Just thinking of how the flavors work together already makes our taste buds sing. The best thing about Las Vegas dim sum is that it offers a wide variety of authentic Taiwanese food. Like other cuisines, the hands of dim sum chefs have created noteworthy dishes. These dishes give you a taste of authentic Taiwanese food goodness. If you are planning on having a dim sum trip soon, here are 4 dishes you need to try.

Har Gow

Har gow, a shrimp dumpling, is one of the most classic Taiwanese dishes you can find on your dim sum table. People consider this as the king of dim sum. It is safe to say that you can judge the dim sum restaurant based on the quality of their har gow. The most appealing shrimp dumplings are those that are folded at least seven times. This shows the dim sum chef’s dexterity. You simply just can’t resist the dumpling with the fresh, glistening, pink shrimp inside. And when the ingredients are fresh, this dish’s goodness stands out.

Siu Mai

Siu Mai, also known as the meat flower, has been interpreted by different chefs all over the world. However, no siu mai on-the-go sold in supermarkets can beat the authentic ones. Siu mai is the queen of the dim sum table. The flavors of this dish is so versatile you can enjoy it whether it has pork or shrimp. When you get the taste of the traditional Cantonese flavors from your siu mai, you will come back for more.  

Chau Siu Bao

Remember the adage “save the best for the last?” Keep that in mind especially when you try chau siu bao. This interesting dish is a staple for every dim sum presentation. Its soft bun and the sweet, savory pork inside is the best exclamation point for a delicious dim sum meal.

Cheung Fun

If you are sticking to true Asian traditions and would love to have rice in your table, order cheung fun. This is made from sticky rice noodles, and is served with meat, hoisin sauce, and bits of peanut.

Enjoy These Dishes From The Freshest Dim Sum In Las Vegas

Dim sum in Las Vegas is never complete without these delectable dishes. When these dishes are excellently made, you’ll surely give it a ten. But no matter how sumptuous these delicacies are, they won’t be as mouthwatering if they are not fresh. To get the fresh goodness of dim sum Las Vegas, make sure to have them at Yong Kang Street. Their creations are made from the freshest, quality ingredients. Grab a quick bite at their place at Paris Hotel. For reservations, call (702) 778-8180.


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