How To Keep Your Koi (Las Vegas) Scrubs In Top Condition

Koi (Las Vegas) scrubs require proper care in order to last.  Whether you are a nurse, a medical respondent or a medical student, keeping your scrubs in peak condition is necessary. The people you care for can put their trust and confidence in you. Since you are working in the medical field, cleanliness and hygiene are top priority. But keeping your scrub in top condition is not only for appearance but for safety as well. Here are 4 things you can do to make sure your Las Vegas Koi scrubs always look good.


Since you use scrubs often, it is inevitable that its color will easily fade. However, there is a way to help preserve the vibrant colors of your hospital uniform. The secret lies in pre-treatment. Before washing your medical scrubs for the first time, wash it with cold water that includes half cup of vinegar. This combination helps set the colors of your scrubs since the subsequent disinfection process can strip the colors off.

Work-Only Scrubs

There’s wisdom behind the rule that scrubs should only be worn while at work. In fact, you should not wear it yet until you get to the hospital. Exposing your scrubs to other places can increase the chances of contamination. Your scrub is what you wear to deal with patients, you can’t let it be filled with germs. Don’t eat while wearing your scrubs. If you must, change to regular clothes. Some stains from food are a lot harder to clean than blood.

Wash Separately

Number one rule when washing your scrubs: never treat it like your ordinary garment. Medical uniforms require a higher amount of disinfection compared to your jeans and tees. If you can, get two pairs of Koi Las Vegas scrubs so you can always have an extra one ready. If you find stains, use a color-sensitive cleaner.

Keep It Fresh

Ironing is a must in the process of maintaining your scrubs. It does not only make your scrub look fresh and presentable; it also helps kill more germs, too. After ironing, protect your scrub from contamination by placing it inside a dry plastic bag.

Go For The Brand That Vows To Make You Look Good, Koi Las Vegas Scrubs

Keeping your medical scrubs clean and crisp can go a long way. But aside from looking clean, your scrubs should also complement you, too. Koi Scrubs carry styles that are made for stylish medical personnel. You can find Koi Scrubs in Las Vegas at Las Vegas Uniforms. You can visit their store at 967 East Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas. You can also call them at (702)734-7070.



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