What Message Are You Sending With Your Cherokee Reno Scrubs?

Some nurses choose to wear a particular set of scrubs because that is what their employers implemented. Some get to pick out medical scrubs of their preference. Whatever your case is, it is important to remember one fact: your scrubs are affecting your patient’s perception about you. You’re not simply putting on printed Reno Cherokee scrubs just because you “feel like wearing it today.” What message could your scrub suit be sending when patients see you walking down the hall? Here are some examples. See if these suit your personality.

Monochrome Scrubs

You are the kind of nurse who likes your colors bold and solid. Blue. Black. Red. Green. You never seem to love wearing printed workwear. This tells people that you tend to pick one color for that day and roll with it. That all your scrubs are of the same color so they will always match. You like to do your work in a simple and nice way. People who make things complicated by whining and being lazy get into your nerves.

Scrubs That Fit And Flare

You are the nurse who values fitness and fashion, and you bring them to your work. Your choice of medical wear is patterned after fashion for street clothes. You tend to be a good example of health and fitness to your patients. You value your looks and you always strive to play the part. You show your patients and workmates as well that you can still look good without compromising the professional look.

Unisex Scrubs

You’re a no-nonsense nurse and you tend to send a message that your looks don’t matter but your work does. You are the one who often wears the strict, I-mean-business look. For you, scrubs are uniforms and not as a way of fashion.

Multiple Pockets

You love it when your scrubs is riddled with pockets here and there. No, you did not wear that just because you’ve run out of options. You are the nurse who relishes being prepared. People may wonder why you went on a pocket extravaganza, but you’re the nurse they go to when they want something. Oh, someone needs a pair of scissors? You can always find them in one of your pockets.

Get The Best Impression With Cherokee Reno Scrubs

As a healthcare provider, you need to earn the trust and confidence of your patients. In this way, they can spontaneously share to you what they truly feel. Always get the best impression with Cherokee in Reno scrubs. You can find them at Reno Uniforms. Visit them at 70 West Taylor Street, Reno. You can also call (775) 657-6025.


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