Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapon Tips: How To Keep Your Home Safe From Burglars

Non-lethal self-defense weapons contribute a lot when it comes to protection from possible criminals. In the moment of grave danger, you can always turn to weapons like stun guns and tasers to help provide you the time to run. But these devices won’t be of any use if you let your house look vulnerable in the eyes of burglars. Don’t invite greedy eyes to take an unwelcomed trip to your home. Aside from keeping a stock of non-lethal weapons for self defense, here are some tips you can do to keep your home safe.

Don’t Advertise Your Valuables On Social Media

Advertising most of your valuable stuff on Facebook and Instagram does not only bring you likes; it’s inviting trouble as well. Thieves and burglars often spy on potential victims using social media. Are you on a holiday? Unless there’s someone else in the house, keep hush about it. Burglars may start heading for your home once they know you’re not in there. Feeling blessed? Keep mum about it on social media.

Be On Guard When Outside

Thieves don’t simply come into your home unprepared. Unbeknownst to you, they could have been roving around your area for days. When your gut tells you something is not right, be on the lookout while outside. Search for suspicious faces and try to strike a conversation with them. Let them know you’ll remember them by asking them information. Burglars will hesitate to go in a home when the owner has the chance of remembering them.

Secure Important Things

Don’t place your keys in places which can easily be accessed by anyone. Never follow Paris Hilton’s habit of leaving her keys under her doormat. Burglars nowadays also go for small, valuable items like Ipads, Iphones, and jewelries. If you may, keep these valuables in the loft. Burglars avoid the loft because there’s no easy escape available while in there.

Get Extra Protection With Non-Lethal Self-Defense Weapons

If, despite your efforts to keep your house safe, someone enters your home, having a most effective non-lethal weapon can help you a lot. Never underestimate the saving power of handy self-defense devices. They can create a big difference in saving your life. Increase your family’s safety by going for safety devices from Top Stun Guns. Contact them at 888-908-STUN (7886).

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