Taser Vs Stun Gun: The Advantages Of Owning A Stun Gun

There’s much confusion going on when it comes to choosing a specific device for self-defense. One debate stands till today: taser vs stun gun. Although both can serve well in times of danger, one is more popular than the other. Stun guns have become a common choice of people who doesn’t want to resort to violence when it comes to self-defense. If you are still undecided if you are going to get one, here are some reasons to convince you.

Why Own A Stun Gun?

Imagine walking in a dark alley late at night. Women, in particular, are subject to all kinds of possible crimes from robbery to sexual assaults. You need not feel defenseless during times like this. Owning a stun gun helps you buy time to ask for help or to run from a perpetrator. Over the years, this device has helped people in preventing harm. However, for one to be able to appreciate this device, one needs to understand its advantages.

It Is Safe

Owning a gun comes with much controversy due to the possibility of misuse from the owner. Stun gun is a safer alternative because it is considered as a non-lethal weapon. It does not bring long-term damage to the attacker. Most people are worried that they could unintentionally hurt other people with their stun guns. If this is the concern, purchase a device which has a safety mode you can turn on. If accidentally, you attacked someone with your safety device, know that they will eventually recover.

It Is Handy

Compared to carrying a gun, stun guns are more handy and a lot easier to use. You can fit this device to your purse and even inside your pocket. When your device is fully-charged, you can use it for multiple times until the battery drains out. This device is also the better option if you easily panick under stress. Just reach out for your stun gun and use it on any part of the attacker’s body.

It Is Effective

When it comes to self-defense, you can’t rely on something that will fail you in the very moment you need it. A can of pepper spray can only help you for a limited time. One of the reasons why people prefer stun gun is because of its effectiveness in causing temporary shock to an attacker that lasts up to 15 minutes. When it comes to escaping, time is of the essence.

Taser Vs Stun Guns: Saying Yes To The Device That Can Save Your Life

When making the decision if you need a taser or stun guns, always refer to the experience of people. What is more effective? What is easier to use? Making this essential decision can make a difference if danger arises. To get durable stun guns, you can visit 561 Keystone Avenue, Suite #435 or call 888-908-STUN(7886).



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