Indemnitor: All You Need To Know

Indemnitor – you may have not heard this word before.  And if you have, it may have sent chills down your spine.  It sounds like a tough legal word, but once you get to understand what it means, you won’t be so fazed at all.

What Is An Indemnitor?

The term simply refers to an individual responsible for a defendant’s bail bond.  Aside from the bail amount, such person is also in charge of any associated costs in returning the defendant back into court, if ever he chooses to escape the legal consequences of his actions.

If ever a loved one is put behind bars, we recommend that the first that you approach is a Las Vegas bail bond agency.  Choose one that you can trust, like Brooks Brothers Bail Bonds.  They can help you with the entire process of getting your family member or friend out of jail.  As soon as you fill up the application process and it is approved, you become an indemnitor.  You take on the financial responsibility tied to the defendant’s case.

What Are The Responsibilities Of An Indemnitor?

First off, you should never sign for a defendant unless you trust him.  When you take on the responsibility of being an indemnitor, you have certain obligations to fulfill so you can get your bail bond deposit back.  Another important thing to note is that any bail bond agency in Las Vegas expect to get their money back.  If ever the defendant you are signing up for skips bail and does not show up during their court hearing, you will be financially responsible for paying up the entire loan.

So therefore, one of your most important responsibilities to make sure that the defendant shows up during their appointed date.  This may seem very simple, but in complicated cases, you will surprised at how hard it is to get someone to show up in a courtroom.  As an indemnitor, it is also your role to make sure that the defendant follows up with his court date and fulfills all legal requirements mandated by court.

You should also be aware that as soon as you take on this role, you are saying yes to shouldering all the other additional costs involved in the case.  This includes all the fees that will come up until the legal battle is resolved.  Another thing you should look out for, is if the defendant refuses to face the court and skips on his court dates.  If ever he makes an escape, you will be left with a huge loan to pay off.


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