Let’s All Be Safe…..But Have Fun!”

Dig This Las Vegas


Let’s All Be Safe…..But Have Fun!”

“Now Dig That Dirt!”

Dig This Las Vegas has some of the coolest and craziest Dozers around.  However, SAFETY BUT FUN practices are a MUST!!  Bulldozers are designed to cut and push large quantities of DIRT in a matter of seconds. With their enormous size, they can cause serious injury and even death, if not operated properly. People often find them after they search for the term: group activity Las Vegas.  Please take a moment and read below to be “In the Know” about safety measures for the operation of our bulldozers both at Dig This and anywhere for that matter!!  

Safety Tips For ANY & ALL Dozer Operators

  • Only qualified, competent and trained STAFF members should lead your fun-filled event so ALWAYS listen and pay close attention to ALL directions while in and around our bulldozers.
  • Operators must always use seatbelts when riding or operating the bulldozer.
  • Start the engine only when seated on the operator’s seat and when the path is clear of workers, objects and other obstructions.
  • Flaggers must be assigned in areas where warning signs and barricades cannot control traffic flow.
  • Keep bulldozers away from overhead power lines.
  • Before operations, qualified personnel must test if the manual warning device (horn) of the bulldozer works.
  • The bulldozer must also be equipped with an automatic back-up alarm that can be heard through the whole worksite.
  • Shut off the engine whenever refueling.
  • The bulldozer must be equipped with rollover protection structures (ROPS).
  • Never climb on parts of the machine where hand and foot holds are not provided.
  • Be doubly cautious when approaching or operating near trenches or excavations.

Using these safety tips as a guide while at Dig This will most CERTAINLY prevent accidents and insure a fun and memorable experience for ALL to enjoy!  

Keep in mind though, that these suggested guidelines listed above are purely for the purposes of identifying ways to ensure safety at ALL TIMES in around heavy equipment.  We must always remember that while we are at Dig This Las Vegas to have a great time, the equipment we use is intended for commercial operation first.  As such we need to always be aware!  So…..Let’s ALL Be Safe…But Have Fun!!

This Article was written for Dig This Las Vegas with the intended use for those wanting to play in the dirt on Bulldozers in Sin City!  Happy Digging!


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