Reno Scrubs in Different Colors: What Mix and Match Can Do For You

Freedom to wear different Reno scrubs to work is more fun than you can imagine. Aside from trying out different cuts that flatter you, wearing Reno scrubs in different colors affect what you feel about yourself and what others feel about you as well.

The different scrub stores in Reno have all the colors you can possibly need. Having so many choices however can make shopping harder for you so here’s a rundown on some of the most popular color selections and how they can affect you.

Black, White and Everything in Between

White is the absence of all colors while black is the presence of all. While both colors are known to look good when matched with any other colors, they give different effects when worn in monotone.

An all-white ensemble looks fresh and clean. It also gives off that professional vibe which is probably why people in the medical field wear all-white. However, mixing it with light colors give a cheerful touch while mixing it with darker colors give a more striking appearance.

An all-black ensemble on the other hand gives off a depressing vibe and may not be good for wearing on a long shift both for you and your patients.  Instead where your top with a different colored pants or vice versa.

Go Primary with Reno Scrubs

Red, blue and yellow are the primary colors. All other colors are a result of the combination any of the two in different shades and intensity. It is probably the reason why these colors bring a sense of stability to our senses but what mood do these colors really bring?

For that sunny disposition choose a bright yellow let your sun rays reach out to those patients you attend to. Too much brightness should be avoided however so wear it with white or muted colors.

Pair blue with other colors like you would your pair of jeans. This color gives off that feeling of calmness but one should be careful with choosing to the right shade of other colors to wear it with.

Red gives off a strong vibe and is often associated with hotness. The right shade of red such as soft pink or violet however gives a feeling serenity. Darker shades of red are best paired with lighter colors like yellow.

Shop Now

There is more in store for you when you visit Reno Uniforms whose shop is located at 70 West Taylor Street, Reno, Nevada. Aside from the scrub stores in Reno, the one-stop shop also offers on-location tailoring and embroidery services. For additional inquiries you may call them at (775) 657 6025 or email them at



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