Is raw sushi okay to eat?

Is it okay to eat raw sushi?

This is a question that we sometimes get from customers, and the quick answer is: YES!  Of course, or why would we even be in business?  

Sekushi Las Vegas is known for Serving sushi that is properly prepared and raw.

We understand the concern, as it is not normal in the United States to eat raw fish.   In Japan, and other countries, it is quite prevalent to eat raw fish at lunch or dinner time.

If it were not okay, then it would not be such a tradition and all of these countries.  We cherish the art of sushi-making and although our Las Vegas japanese tapas dishes may appear like nothing you’ve ever seen, you can dine here rest assured that you and your guests will be safe.

Proper method of preparing

It comes down proper preparation.  We have not had one case of food poisoning because we take great care to ensure the fish is both fresh when it arrives, and is fresh when it is served.  This boils down to keeping the food at a proper temperature, and ensuring cleanliness is a top priority.  

Our chefs are trained properly, on handling of raw fish, and other Foods. One thing we make sure of is that they do not mix different meats, and vegetables together. Separation is the key to maintaining cleanliness.

What can go wrong in raw fish?

It’s not just the parasites in raw fish that can cause issues.  There are also different type of bacteria that can make you very very sick.  They wreak havoc by causing both gastrointestinal and neurological issues.

Some raw fish also contain neurotoxins. So bacteria, parasites, and poison are some of the things that can make somebody sick or cause death when it comes to raw sushi.

Don’t take risks with raw fish

It is possible that you could die from raw fish period usually this is because of a parasite that is left untreated, and it is a real issue when it is not handled properly by medical staff.

We don’t want to scare you, but it is very possible to be injured or even today if you do not properly take care of raw fish.

Another very popular dish is the puffer fish. We do not serve this in a restaurant because even with the smallest mistake, you could end up poisoning somebody.

The puffer fish has a poison in its meat that must be properly removed before you can eat it.   Only Master Chefs that have trained for many years are allowed to serve this dish.   If all of the neurotoxins are not properly removed, you could end up poisoning somebody. We do not take risks, so we do not serve this dish.


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