Dental Phobia

Although not painful, some people miss their dental treatments because they fear the thought of pain like they fear the attack of a poisonous snake. Their anxiety may also be caused by the close proximity of a stranger as he or she looks into a private body part. Dental phobia is common; about 9% to 15% of American avoid seeing a dentist because of dental phobia, according to Colgate Oral Care Center.

That is the reason sedation dentistry Vegas has become a very popular search recently.

Dental phobia makes people suffer from pain, tooth decay, and gum infection. It is different from mere “dental anxiety” which is but the feeling of discomfort during a dental visit. Dental phobia is more serious because it causes panic and terror.

The Causes of Dental Phobia

Dental phobia may be caused by different factors. The most common ones are:

  1. Pain – A survey of people who have not seen a dentist for 12 months revealed that 6% of them felt intense fear of pain which made them avoid an appointment. This is probably because Vegas sedation dentistry was not practiced when they were growing up.
  2. Feelings of Vulnerability – Many people fear to be in the dental chair because they feel a loss of control. The reclined position and a stranger doing things on the mouth could trigger fear linked to the abuse.
  3. Embarrassment – Some people are afraid to go to the dentist because they are worried they will be berated, judged, or humiliated. According to a studies, fear of negative social evaluation is a prevailing cause of avoidance and mouth-hiding behaviors.
  4. Negative Dental Experiences – Previous dental treatments that caused a lot of pain or discomfort could cause anxiety and fear about future dental visits.

Signs of Dental Phobia

If you manifest the following, you might want to try sedation dentistry to help you get through a dental procedure.

  1. Can’t sleep the night before the dental visit.
  2. Rising nervousness while in the waiting room.
  3. The sight and thought of dental tools make you want to cry.
  4. The thought of a dental visit makes you physically ill.
  5. Anxiety and panic attacks when the dentist places an object in your mouth.

Best Dentist in Vegas for Phobic Patients

Dr. William Gussow of Vegas Smiles specializes in sedation dentistry in Vegas for phobic patients. Want to whiten your teeth or get CEREC same day crowns but you are afraid of the dentist? Call Dr. Gussow today for a consultation.


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