When you take a trip to Las Vegas, you think that you will only experience neon lights and gambling. Maybe lots of visitors rushing by you in at a fast life pace. No one that we knew suggest that we could visit things like The National Atomic Testing Museum. This is a nationally known museum that attracts all kinds of tourists including our family. This Museum is all about nukes, bombs and test sites. Who wouldn’t want to go visit?

Not knowing what to expect, we walked into the museum which houses 12,000 artifacts. All of the artifacts are from the period of time when the US and Soviet Union were going through the Cold War. The time they were in an incredible arms race was 1951-1962.

The things that this museum harnesses,  is something that is so hard to find. A ton of history formed around secrets, testing and gaining technological advances for America. I was finding it hard to believe that this museum would house records of man’s technological advances. They sure hit it on the head!  We as men fighting during this time, were nearly designed how to defend ourselves. We were designed to kill in order to gain power. Back then, how did we figure out how to harness this kind of power safely? The only way they could study these things were by testing what we were planning on using on the enemy.

Nevada is known for having the highest concentration of nuclear-detonated weapons in the U.S. The National Atomic Testing Museum is the shrine of what happened during that time and what they were doing to help our country.. There is vast land in Nevada. Much of the state is undeveloped and you wouldn’t think that this kind of testing would happen with a booming city like Las Vegas nearby.

At this children’s museum in Las Vegas Nevada, you can experience a simulated atmospheric nuclear bomb blast. You can explore how America developed the bomb during a secret program that was called “The Manhattan Project.” I had no idea how they started with going about underground testing.  You will also learn throughout the museum about the dangerous effects of radiation (fallout).  The culture of the atomic age including the ridiculous “Duck and Cover” video that they able you to view at the Museum. They even have an audio tour that you are able to download to your smartphone.

Additionally, if you happen to be into UFO’s, there have an Area 51 exhibit. I have only heard about Area 51 and read an article or two about the site. They have available highlights  regarding the covert military dealings at the Nevada site. It will also teach you about the more “Alien” subjects of Area 51. This talks about “Aliens” more than specific historical facts.

The National Atomic Museum is a very amazing attraction that more people should visit when in Las Vegas. It is extraordinary that the exhibits featured are very real and very in depth. I would recommend this to take the kids. Do not think that it is only for children but also for Adults such as myself. Get ready to be completely submerged in some solid Nevada history.


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