Crashed Your Drone? Take it to Alphadrone for Drone Repair Las Vegas 

Drones, a modern term for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles or UAV, have become increasingly famous among a lot of hobbyists and enthusiasts of aerial photography. Those who already own these things and are knowledgeable in piloting any quadcopter will be amazed to know that flying during nighttime is even more fascinating.

But how exactly can a drone pilot see their drone at night? Some may be worried where to get drone repair Las Vegas when they crash it after night use. It’s a convenient thing that Alpha Drone has accommodating customer service representatives that can help drone users with any inquiries regarding troubleshooting. Aside from this, they have the best drone brands in the market today which gives them the edge over other repair shops.

Night Flying Is Possible But Comes With Responsibility

The main characteristic of a drone is that it responds to commands made by the pilot through using an app on a tablet or phone, or using a controller. Knowing where to go or how to maneuver the drone at night may sound a little daunting to most but as long as it has a camera attached to it, you can perfectly see on your handheld device where the drone is flying.

Ultimately, once a user gains experience with the controller, flying at night would be relatively easy.

Drones in Las Vegas is definitely a great aerial vehicle for aerial photography as long as it is registered with the Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) with instructions on their website how to. Some drones, however, are being maliciously used for spying or violating other people’s privacy which can pose as a potential problem when using it at night.

Even if the purpose isn’t illegal, it may be hard to explain it to law enforcement people if a person complains about the drone use. So before any night flights are decided, the user should consider his/her surroundings first and assess if the location is indeed safe. With the smartly designed drones from Alpha Drone, you can definitely capture the most amazing views at night.

They have lightweight and compact drones that are perfect for night or day flying. Their DJI Mavik Pro for one has 5 built-in cameras and 27 minutes of flight time even in the dark.

Get Your Drone Repair Las Vegas At Alpha Drone!


As exciting as it sounds, drone night flying can raise supernatural suspicions like this news article from The Huffington Post. People can confuse it with aliens and spark uneasiness and conspiracy within the neighborhood, especially if it is crowded.

Las Vegas drone repair for night flights is possible but it is important for the user to remember to be careful and aware of the surroundings.

If you want to know more about the Types Of Drones That Can Be Used At Night, drop by Alpha Drone’s shop at 8512 W Sahara. You can also practice flying at night in their indoor flying zone or inquire about repairs with the help of their experts. Call for more information at (702) 979-9445 or check their Facebook account @alpha.drone1. Happy flying!


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