The Simplest Way to Beat Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is more common than you think. It affects 4% of the population. It is as prevalent as fear of snakes and fear of heights, according to the Diagnostic Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. If you are experiencing this, find a Vegas dentist who can help you beat the fear. You can help by doing the following:

Choosing a Compassionate and Friendly Vegas Cosmetic Dentist

Some dental phobia stemmed from bad childhood experiences concerning dentists. Conversely, a humane and empathetic Vegas cosmetic dentist can help you end it. One or more of your friends and family members can recommend someone. It is a common issue that more and more dentists are specializing on treating phobic patients.

Express Your Concerns with the Dentist

Once you find a cosmetic dentist in Vegas, openly discuss your fears and apprehension. He or she will know how to gain your trust. Usually, a mini tour of the clinic and introducing you to the staff is the first step.

Set the Appointment for Early in the Morning

Go to your dentist’s clinic early in the morning. This will keep you from too much needless worrying.

Establish Camaraderie with the Dentist and the Staff

When you are with a compassionate and friendly dentist, this is an easy thing to do. Also, remember that your dentist is not going to do any treatment without your consent. Your first visit could only be a simple check-up just to give you a hint into how he or she works. Use this time to build friendship with your dentist.

Bring a Companion

Having someone with you whom you can trust could help you be more comfortable. Dentists welcome the idea especially if it will help make the situation more bearable to you.

Make the Process Gradual

Overcoming a deep-seated fear is not easy, but it is possible. Start the process by trying the simplest treatments first like cleaning or polishing. Once you already trust your dentist, you can slowly move on to the complicated ones.

Rely on the fact that science and technology has made dental treatments painless these days. Two of the most advanced dental tools are dental wands and numbing gels which are beneficial to patients with dental phobia.

When looking for a dentist who is especially trained to handle phobic patients, you can find one at Vegas Smiles. Dr. William Gussow is a certified, warm, and friendly dentist who will keep your best interest a priority more than any other thing. So whenever you need Las Vegas cosmetic dentistry services like CEREC One Day Crown, Laser Teeth Whitening, or Invisalign, drop by his clinic at Vegas Smiles.


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